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I wish I could illegally download clothes


senior year of high school i had the battiest old lady for my ap lit class and we had to get up and present a poem and i totally forgot to memorize one so i got up in the front of the room and recited “hotel california” word for word with a straight face and everyone was like cracking up and the teacher gave me a hundred for being “insightful and poetic”



For April Fools’ Day, my local radio station is playing literally nothing but Backstreet Boys’ songs and announcing them as other songs, and I think that’s beautiful.

That’s not a joke that’s a gift


If you are a survivor:

I support you. I believe you. I don’t question what triggers you or how your response to those triggers. These are authentic statements from me, and they will never not be true.

*please save this and look at it when the world starts closing in because your family, friends, or workplace don’t/won’t understand.